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Time Saved Saves Lives - Active Shooter Awareness with Alfonso Solis

It was a pleasure to chat with Alfonso Solis, who began teaching Active Shooter Awareness at our gathering last year. I will admit that last year I didn't really know what to expect in the class and unfortunately was not able to sit in on one to find out. But I learned so much in this interview and by watching the sample video Alfonso provided at the end that I will DEFINITELY be making room in my SkyEarth schedule to attend his class. I also want to encourage any school or church groups or even workplaces to consider bringing Alfonso in to train your group. As he says at the end of the video, "Did we save time? -yes- And time? Saves lives." While none of us wants to be in a situation with an active shooter, being prepared for these types of emergencies can save time and save lives.

Join us in October by signing up at the link below. We have full gathering as well as day passes available.

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