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Teachers and artisans in primitive technology and homesteading/self-reliance skills are invited to attend these gatherings to share ideas and methods as well as spread the arts through hands-on workshops. You can expect skills instruction from some of the nation's top primitive technologists and artisans.


The Gathering is seven days beginning the afternoon of Day 1, classes running days 2-6, and camp clean-up/departure on Day 7.  Classes are held from roughly 9am to 4pm and special activities occur in the evenings after a meal break. Lecture/Discussion Sessions are information-oriented and each covers a broad subject. Demonstrations are how-to presentations with some practical instruction. Hands-On classes provide you with the instruction needed to actually complete a project or practice a new skill.  The entire camp experience is outdoors so be prepared and flexible for Texas weather!

SkyEarth prides itself on being family friendly. Each year we have the wonderful instructors from Natureversity Outdoor School in Austin running our Kids Camp activities during the day so that parents can get a break if needed.  Kids Camp is for children ages 5 - 12 years.

Please refer to our event schedule for a list of classes and activities for our current gathering - the schedule is updated periodically as new instructors and classes are planned.  Below are typical classes you can find at the SkyEarth Gathering.

Bushcraft/Primitive Arts

  • Bow Making and Archery

  • Blow Guns, Darts

  • Javelins and Atlatls

  • Flint Knapping

  • Agave Quivers

  • Yucca Sandals 

  • Gourd Crafting

  • Pottery Making

  • Lashings and Camp Chairs 

  • Felting Wool 

  • Hide tanning

Survival Skills

  • Knots

  • Shelter

  • Friction Fire

  • Pine Pitch Glue

  • Land Navigation

  • Pack Building

  • Trapping

  • Animal Processing/Cooking 

  • Fly Casting (fishing) 

  • Active Shooter Survival


  • Soap Making

  • Cheese Making

  • Edible Plants/Foraging

  • Herbal Plants and Remedies

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Animal Processing

  • Sustainable/Regenerative Land Use

  • Canning and Preserving 

pets & service animals

Service Animals are permitted.

Service animals are not permitted to roam free and must have designated vests.

No pets allowed. 


This is not an "ask forgiveness later" situation - we will ask you to turn around if you have your pet with you.

While we are animal lovers, we are also a working ranch with livestock and must say no to outside pets.  

Leave your pets at home or with a sitter. There may be boarding facilities in Graham you can utilize so your dear animal friend is close.


We are primarily tent / tipi  camping with multiple port-o-john stations with handwashing stations.

We will have an RV parking area available but there are no water/electric/sewer hookups.


We have one central potable water station - bring containers to fill and take to your campsite.

We will have a primitive camp shower set up outside of main camp to clean the dirt off during the week. You may also bring solar showers to use at your campsite.

While sleeping under the stars is also encouraged, know that Texas weather is always consistent in how it changes from second to second.  Please be prepared to have a shelter from any storms that may pop up.

Garbage:  Pack in, pack out. We will not have trash receptacles for everyone's trash. If you are flying in and out, we can help.

Fires:  No ground fires permitted at campsites. Bring a fire pan if you plan to have a fire. We will have our central Fire Pit available. A central pile of wood will be provided. 

Music:  While we love music, we ask that you do not turn on radios or other electronic music in camp. We prefer to keep the sounds of nature going and do live music instead of electronic. We encourage you to bring an instrument if you play!


A parking area will be provided away from tent camping. There will be an area for tent camping only and a large area for camping in your vehicle whether it be a VW bug, a gypsy wagon, a truc or RV.  You will be able to drive your belongings in to your camp, then drive back out to parking.

The RV and vehicle camping area is remote from the main camping area.


April in Texas is variable to say the least. 

It can be cool in the mornings, hot in the afternoons and down right chilly at night with spring showers that could pop up. (Temperatures range from 40s to 100s.)  Layer your clothing accordingly and be prepared for a chance of thunderstorms.

Bring some type of weatherproof shelter.  It is generally good weather but Biblical rains are possible with gale force winds. Common shelters are canvas wall tents and tipis, yurts, backpack or family tents, and even improvised shelters.

packing list

Light Source:  avoid bright LED lights that light up the entire campground. Headlamps with a "red" setting are nice.

Toiletries: The port-o-johns will have toilet paper and be cleaned during the week. Associated handwashing stations will have soap and be refilled during the week. Other toiletries you will need to supply for yourself.

We will have a cold-water shower station set up for campers to use in a private area of camp.

Food:  Bring your own food and plates/bowls/utensils for the week.  The town of Graham is a short 15 minute drive away and has a Walmart and grocery store. We will have a central dish-washing station available

Water Containers

Camp Chairs


Garbage Bags


First Aid Kit

Variable Clothing

Bug Repellent

Tools for Classes (Knife, etc.)

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