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There is still time to join us next week for SkyEarth!

This is Camp Mom Lacey here and I am just over the moon excited about all the awesome instructors we have joining us next week! For a full list of their amazing qualifications, check out our Instructors page. I think we should get bonus points for having the most beautiful collection of instructors, as well!

These instructors are all well-versed in a variety of outdoor skills and it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which classes to take. Rest assured that you will make so many connections this week and find even more opportunities to learn from our fabulous instructors....AND there is always SkyEarth next year to fall back on! For now, check out our Schedule for the week and feel free to use the filter feature to sort by Instructor or Class Type.

And make sure you buy a ticket to join us! We have week long passes and day passes and are looking forward to meeting more local community members this year!

The big news? We are so grateful to local Graham company Smart Graphics for helping us with a somewhat last-minute design and production of our 2024 SkyEarth t-shirt! Order your t-shirts by NOON on Friday, April 12 and we will have them ready to pick up at SkyEarth on Friday, April 19.

We can't wait to see you there this weekend!

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