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2024 was a blast! Join us next year April 13-19, 2025

Welcome to SkyEarth!
A family outdoor skills gathering

Under Texas skies

wisdom takes flight.

Ancestral skills,

Earth's guiding light.

Where heaven meets earth,

teachings thrive.

In this union,

heritage alive.

You’ll find yourself,

where Earth meets sky.

~Phillip Liebel,

Primitive Wilderness Survival

See where the Sky and Earth meet in the great state of Texas! 

SkyEarth is modeled after a family of gatherings like Rabbitstick (started 1988), Winter Count (started 1995) and EarthKnack (started 1995) that strives to reconnect people with old ways of making fire, tanning hides, forming metal, weaving baskets, hunting, gathering and many more outdoor primitive, bushcraft, survival, and homesteading skills.  Check out our Event Details page - button in header - for our gathering schedule (updated often as we schedule more instructors and classes).

The gathering will take place not far from the town of Graham at Prairie Haven Texas, the family land of Scott Ezzell. Scott has been a participant and on the work trade crew of Winter Count and Rabbitstick for several  years and felt that it had changed his life. It seemed clear to him that offering his land for the event could help change other people's lives as well.


Scott has plans to reclaim the land in a way that will nurture and heal it following previous conventional land management practices. To regenerate his land he raises cattle and small ruminants using holistic management and permaculture design practices to restore the native landscape. 

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SkyEarth Gathering at

Prairie Haven Texas

SkyEarth will take place on a private, 120-acre property located approximately 90 minutes west of Fort Worth, outside the city of Graham, Texas. 

Groceries, fuel, restaurants, and Walmart shopping are a short drive into the town of Graham.


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