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Evening Entertainment Line-up at SkyEarth

We talk so often about our daytime class offerings at the gathering but so much community building happens around the community fire in the evenings.

Opening Circle

On the first night we gather around the fire pit and introduce the instructors and staff. Following introductions we have Phillip Liebel of Primitive Wilderness Survival telling the story of the First Fire while our Kids Camp leader, Chris Hyde of Natureversity Outdoor School creates our SkyEarth Fire with a friction fire technique demonstration.

This year we are in for a treat with David Holladay coming to SkyEarth. Following the First Fire, David will share the Ancestry of the Stick with the group which is an oral history gem.

Honoring Our Elders

On Thursday night, we will be spending some time remembering our previous bow-maker, Bob Brooks, who unexpectedly passed away this summer, as well as other elders in the gathering community.

This memorial ceremony will take place at the Thinking Tree pond which is a place of quiet reflection.

Trade Blanket

Friday night we will gather around the trade blanket near the fire pit. Anyone who has an item they'd like to offer up for a trade can place it on the blanket and interested parties can take turns offering their items up for trade. You decide if you want to accept the offered item in trade or not. This is a great activity for adults and children both to give your belongings a new life with a new owner.

Mask Night

Saturday night is our big campfire blowout. While we typically have some drum circle and fire pit socializing each night of the gathering, Mask Night is when we pull out all the stops. You can bring your favorite mask from home or make one with Kristina Tourtillot that afternoon - or even paint your face! This is a time to take some turns dancing around the fire as the drum circle beats the rhythms of the earth.

If you have a drum or native American flute or other music maker, bring it and share your gifts of music with the group!

Closing Circle

On the last night, we will gather around the fire one last time as a family and reflect on the memories and new friendships made before returning home.

We invite you to join us - we still have space! Sign up with the link below.

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